Bindley Capital Partners (BCP) is a private investment firm focused on the following activities:

  • Acquiring or investing in outstanding companies

  • Committing capital to third-party managed partnerships

BCP manages a permanent capital base that is either supplied by or completely controlled by the principals of the firm. This stability of capital affords BCP complete discretion to pursue its primary objective: the creation of a conservative investment portfolio focused on long-term capital appreciation.


BCP manages capital on behalf of William Bindley and a concentrated, select group of individuals and institutions. William Bindley and other BCP partners had previously run Bindley Western Industries, a pharmaceutical distributor that was sold to Cardinal Health for $2.3 billion in 2001.



BCP engages in:

  • Direct investments into outstanding companies run by accomplished management teams in areas where BCP principals have domain expertise

  • Capital commitments into third-party managed partnerships in a variety of disciplines



Management team with considerable operational and financial experience, including William Bindley and other executive partners' leadership of Bindley Western Industries prior to its 2001 purchase by Cardinal Health


Advantages of working with BCP include:

  • Experience of BCP principals 

  • Attractiveness as a capital partner, given permanent capital base

  • Flexibility in structuring of transactions

  • Efficiency of transaction execution