The BCP principals have considerable operational and financial expertise and have a proven track record of success both managing and investing in businesses. Additionally, BCP has a deep network of industry and Wall Street relationships that can be leveraged to the advantage of its investments.

Attractive Capital Partner
BCP is not a traditional fund in that it does not have a fragmented group of limited partners with different requirements, objectives and holding periods. BCP has a permanent capital base that is either supplied by or completely controlled by the principals of the firm. As such, investment and liquidity decisions are made strictly with the objective of maximizing long term gain and are not compromised by the need to raise additional funds or satisfy the requirements of external investors.

Transaction Structuring
BCP's flexible investment approach and the experience of its principals in structuring a range of complex transactions allow BCP to customize an investment to meet the specific needs of a company. Unlike most private equity firms, BCP can invest anywhere in the capital structure and does not have a maximum or minimum amount of capital that it must invest. This allows BCP to pursue a range of opportunities and provide an appropriate amount of capital to each selected situation.

BCP is capable of executing transactions in a rapid and highly efficient fashion. The considerable transaction and operational expertise of the BCP principals allows for the quick identification and processing of key due diligence items, enabling fast turn-around times. Additionally, because the capital BCP invests is its own, BCP makes its own decisions and is unencumbered by approval committees and bureaucratic processes.